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Weight Rate
1 lb. US$6.00
2 lb. US$9.05
3 lbs. US$12.70
4 lbs. US$16.60
5 lbs. US$20.00
Weight Rate
6 lbs. US$23.65
7 lbs. US$26.80
8 lbs. US$30.20
9 lbs. US$34.35
10 lbs. US$37.50
Weight Rate
11 lbs. US$40.65
12 lbs. US$43.80
13 lbs. US$47.45
14 lbs. US$51.10
15 lbs. US$54.75
Above 16lbs. US$3.65 per lb
  • Personal Accounts are not subject to monthly minimum fees. Simply ship what you want, whenever you want!
  • Rates are applied to each lb or part thereof. e.g. An item weighing 1.2lb will attract a 2lb rate.
  • Insurance is charged at a rate of $1.25 USD per $100 USD value of your package.
  • We double-inspect all televisions to verify their integrity. This incurs a US$30 fee but allows us to improve the safety of shipping these extremely fragile items.
  • Unless otherwise advised we temporarily stop 50-inch and larger televisions in Miami to offer you the option of having these items secured in a crate before continuing the shipping process. Crating will incur an additional fee of US$130 and adds 50-55lbs to your shipment (this may be more depending on the size of the TV).
  • Items valued at US$2500 and above require additional documentation - Electronic Export Information (EEI) - for US Customs. This incurs a US$25 fee.
  • Please note that some items are prohibited and can be seized by US and Local Customs.